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MBA abroad for Indian students makes way for a definite prospective futuristic career. As the leading course provider of MBA, Regenesys has brought forth a Global MBA Program that matches the international standards in all aspects.

The whole deal of the Global MBA program is quite lucrative to the students as they can not only learn the course but also get a chance to get placed abroad, i.e. if they study MBA abroad. We offer graduates extensive placement opportunities by helping them land a job offer in the biggest MNCs across India, Dubai and South Africa. Our 2 year Global MBA programme offered in Johannesburg campus acts as a gateway to the world of global opportunities for our students. With alumni of 2 lac plus students, regenians are working on top managerial roles in many big MNC’s across the globe.

While the placement assistance is 100%, there are other hordes of benefits also which make us the leaders in our sphere.

  • A Sturdy Focus on Leadership and Other Skills:

Our Global MBA program is deeply rooted in fundamentals and business skills. The Global MBA not only helps students make wiser decisions in the corporate world but also tackles business challenges at ease.

  • Become Future Ready:

With our Global MBA course offering, we aim to create business leaders and we also help candidates excel in their fields so that they become future-ready. This means that throughout the course, students interact with seniors and work collectively on corporate issues.

  • Engage With Diverse Student Community:

Regenesys has a diverse network of students from all across the globe, which acts as a stepping stone towards a career. Candidates who join the Global MBA course can have an enhanced experience of interacting with peers from different backgrounds, which will improve their interpersonal skills.

  • Get Trained Under Renowned Mentors:

Our Global MBA program is aimed at making students have a better prospect in every way. Thus, we have qualified and well-trained mentors under the roof, which creates a rich learning experience.

The Bachelor of Accounting Science (BCompt) is offered through contact and distance learning. The qualification targets individuals who want to pursue a professional career in a financial field.

In particular, the Bachelor of Accounting Science provides learners with professional knowledge, specific skills and applied competence that will enable continued personal intellectual growth, gainful economic activity and valuable contributions to society in the fields of accounting, auditing, financial management and taxation.

Entry requirements

Learners should be competent in Mathematics (NQF level 4) and have good oral and written communication skills in the medium of instruction (NQF Level 4).

Learners are required to have the following in place in order to be considered for admission:

  • A Senior Certificate with endorsement
  • National Senior Certificate granting admission to Bachelor studies
  • A relevant qualification at least at one NQF Level lower (NQF 6) than the qualification applied for (NQF 7) and from an accredited institution as per SAQA requirements

This qualification is offered over a minimum of 3 years.




The BCompt is an NQF level 7 qualification (360 credits)

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