To leave a full-time job where I was doing well and join a college, was a bold move. But it turned out to be the best decision ever. Pursuing MBA was always on cards for me and I wanted to go for a course that will give me international exposure as well.I came to Regenesys with very clear objectives: to learn and increase the spectrum of my understanding of business. And I can say with full confidence that I got exactly what I came for. The curriculum is the best part, which is very practical. It is not that typical curriculum that is extensive on theoretical learning. Rather it is designed beautifully in a way it prepares us for the real business world out there.

Again, in terms of going to South Africa, there were a lot of risks involved. This includes the economic situation of the country. The job opportunities are very limited and there are a lot of entry barriers especially for foreigners with limited work experience. But with the right approach and skillsets, all these problems can be turned into opportunities. There is tremendous scope of growth once we get over the entry barriers.The management helped me a lot and helped me get internships as well as a full-time job. I wholeheartedly thank Regenesys for providing me the platform for where I am today.

On the other side, I would also like to highlight some areas of improvement. Doing MBA is not easy on the pocket and especially when someone is pursuing it in a foreign country. The management should be very transparent with the candidates in terms of the job situation in South Africa. A work permit is a very difficult thing to get and is a very complex procedure. Also, not everyone is eligible to get the critical skills to work permit. Students who are not eligible for critical skills should be made clear about the same in the first place. The assistance should be provided in terms of obtaining a work visa.

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Multi-country MBA was great exposure for me on various levels. It helped me discover the opportunities, advantages in a new environment as well as identify my weaknesses and how to overcome them.

The insights and guidance provided by the faculty were very helpful.

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Regenesys has been a big contributor in my career and development of my personality. It is a great place to learn and the faculty is very supportive and helps in any way possible.

They helped me improve my academic and interpersonal skills. The exposure from 2 countries makes a huge difference. It was a very nice experience to study in India and South Africa.

The staff helped me in settling down and the placements as well.


Shubhi Verma.

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